[2204.09672] TropeTwist: Trope-based Narrative Structure Generation

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Abstract: Games are complex, multi-faceted systems that share common elements and
underlying narratives, such as the conflict between a hero and a big bad enemy
or pursuing a goal that requires overcoming challenges. However, identifying
and describing these elements together is non-trivial as they might differ in
certain properties and how players might encounter the narratives. Likewise,
generating narratives also pose difficulties when encoding, interpreting, and
evaluating them. To address this, we present TropeTwist, a trope-based system
that can describe narrative structures in games in a more abstract and generic
level, allowing the definition of games’ narrative structures and their
generation using interconnected tropes, called narrative graphs. To demonstrate
the system, we represent the narrative structure of three different games. We
use MAP-Elites to generate and evaluate novel quality-diverse narrative graphs
encoded as graph grammars, using these three hand-made narrative structures as
targets. Both hand-made and generated narrative graphs are evaluated based on
their coherence and interestingness, which are improved through evolution.

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