Brand-new laptop recreates 1981’s IBM PC, complete with 8088 CPU and 640KB of RAM | Page 3

My first computer was an MC-10, but it quickly got replaced by an Apple ][+ gifted by a family friend who was upgrading to an Apple IIe. I used that for a few months and got an Apple //c and I used that for a few years so I’ll always have good feelings about the //c. I learned 6502 ASM on it but I wouldn’t say that I was very good at it. There were just a lot of things you had to do to get performance out of it. Stuff I wrote worked but I’m confident that it was far from optimal. The machine after the //c was an Atari ST and I loved, and still love, 680×0 assembly. We used that family in a bunch of CS and EE classes, too. Writing stuff for it was a dream after struggling with 6502. I think my //c is still around somewhere (last I saw it, it was at my uncle’s but it wasn’t running and it was missing some keys :( ) My mom gave away my Atari ST like 20+ years ago without telling me at the time :( I did get an STE a few years ago, though.

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