Firefox 116 Should Have Experimental PipeWire Camera Support


Mozilla’s Firefox 116 web-browser should have experimental PipeWire camera capturing support available for Linux users.

As another step in embracing PipeWire for audio/video streams on the Linux desktop, Firefox 116 is scheduled to have experimental PipeWire camera support included.

Jan Grulich of Red Hat who has done a lot of amazing work on PipeWire and Firefox integration tweeted out the good news today:

This Mozilla bug ticket opened two years ago over using the XDG camera portal and PipeWire for web camera access was finally closed on Thursday with the relevant code having been merged. This is a win for sandboxing / Flatpaks, multiplexing the camera, and similar benefits of managing web camera access via PipeWire.

Firefox PipeWire camera integration

In other PipeWire related news, Collabora yesterday posted a new blog entry around the new event dispatcher coming with WirePlumber 0.5.

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