KDE Plasma 6 Has Reached The Point Of Being “Fairly Livable”


Following yesterday’s KDE weekly development summary, prominent KDE developer Nate Graham has published an update on the current state of affairs for KDE Plasma 6 along with when we may potentially see Plasma 6.0 actually released.

Nate Graham believes that Plasma 6 is now “fairly livable” and recommends KDE developers and power users / enthusiasts start giving it out a try from the current Git master development state. He characterized Plasma 6 as:

” Basically everything in Plasma compiles with Qt 6, and at this point Plasma 6 is fairly livable. To give you a sense of how livable, it’s good enough that over the past 2 months, I’ve gone on three KDE-related trips from the USA to Europe, with my only computer running Plasma 6 in “current git master” state, with work-in-progress merge requests applied! Its stability has been good enough that this has caused me no apprehension, and indeed, it’s been totally fine on each trip.

So seriously, if you’re a KDE developer or an adventurous user, start living on Plasma 6! Jump right in, the water’s fine. :)”

He went on to write more about the current development activities around Plasma 6. He also shared his personal beliefs around Plasma 6.0 release timing although no official release schedule is yet to be determined. Nate’s belief is that Plasma 6.0 will likely be ready for release sometime between December and March.

See more about the current Plasma 6 development state on Nate’s blog.

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