maltfield/awesome-lemmy-instances: Comparison of different Lemmy Instances

This repo was created to help users migrate from reddit to lemmy (a federated reddit alternative).

Because lemmy is federated (like email), there are many different websites where you can register your new lemmy account. In general, it doesn’t matter too much which server you register with. Just like with email, you can interact with users on other servers (eg hotmail, aol, gmail, etc).

However, each server has their own local policies and configurations (for example, some lemmy instances disable the “downvote” button). The table below will help you compare each site to decide where to register your new lemmy account.


  • Instance = A lemmy instance is a website that runs the lemmy software
  • Community = Each instance has many communities. In reddit, communities were called subreddits.
  • NSFW = Not Safe For Work


  • NU “Yes” means that New Users can register accounts. “No” means that this instance is not accepting new account registrations at this time.
  • NC “Yes” means that you can create a New Community. “No” means that only admins can create new communities on this instance.
  • Fed “Yes” means that you can interact with other federated lemmy instances. “No” means that the instance is partially or fully siloed (you can only subscribe to communities on this one instance or other instances that are explicitly added to an allowlist)
  • Adult “Yes” means there’s no profanity filters or blocking of NSFW content. “No” means that there are profanity filters or NSFW content is not allowed. Note: “Yes” does not mean all NSFW content is allowed. Each instance may block some types of NSFW content, such as pornography. Additionally, you can configure your account to hide NSFW content.
  • ↓V “Yes” means this instance allows downvotes. “No” means this instance has turned-off downvote functionality.
  • Users The number of users that have been active on this instance this month. If there’s too few users, the admin may shutdown the instance. If there’s too many users, the instance may go offline due to load. Pick something in-between.
  • BI The number of instances that this instance is completely BlockIng. If this number is high, then users on this instance will be limited in what they can see on the lemmyverse.
  • BB The number of instances that this instances is completely Blocked By. If this number is high, then users on this instance will be limited in what they can see on the lemmyverse.
  • UT Percent UpTime that the server has been online
  • Version The version of Lemmy this instance is running.

Just click on a random instance from the below “recommended” instances.

Don’t overthink this. It doesn’t matter which instance you use. You’ll still be able to interact with communities (subreddits) on all other instances, regardless of which instance your account lives 🙂

Instance NU NC Fed Adult ↓V Users BI BB UT Version
SDF Chatter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 326 0 0 100% 0.17.4
VLemmy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 220 0 0 100% 0.17.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 175 0 0 100% 0.17.4
DATATERM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 70 5 0 100% 0.17.3

Subscribe to Subreddits Communities

After you pick an instance and register an account, you’ll want to subscribe to communities. You can subscribe to “local” communities on your instance, and (if you chose an instance that isn’t siloed) you can also subscribe to “remote” communities on other instances.

To find popular communities across all lemmy instances in the fediverse, you can use the Lemmy Community Browser run by

How To Find Lemmy Communities

For more information, see my guide on How to Find Popular Lemmy Communities

Other links

You may want to also checkout the following websites for more information about Lemmy

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