Show HN: A smarter Unix shell and scripting environment

Murex is a shell, like bash / zsh / fish / etc however Murex supports improved features and an enhanced UX. Support for additional type information in pipelines, which can be used for complex data formats like JSON or tables. Meaning all of your existing UNIX tools to work more intelligently and without any additional configuration. Usability improvements such as in-line spell checking, context sensitive hint text that details a commands behavior before you hit return, and auto-parsing man pages for auto-completions on commands that don't have auto- completions already defined. Smarter handling of errors and debugging tools. For example try/catch blocks, line numbers included in error messages, STDOUT highlighted in red and script testing and debugging frameworks baked into the language itself. Murex is considered stable, however if you do run into problems then please raise them on the project's issue tracker: [summary]

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