The Reddit blackout has left Google barren and full of holes

Over 8,000 subreddits have gone dark in protest of Reddit’s upcoming API changes, and it’s highlighted just how empty Google becomes without access to those subreddits.

The sheer number of very specific subreddits (essentially smaller forums dedicated to a certain topic) means there is something for everyone, and if you’ve got a question, someone out there will have the answer. Even if you don’t just tag ‘Reddit’ to the end of your search query, the site usually turns up close to the top of most searches anyway, so even if you don’t actively use the platform, you’re likely to have gotten some useful information from there at some point.

However, now that so many of these subreddits have gone private it’s almost impossible to ignore the impact it’s made on the everyday Google experience. Yes, Google can show me answers to most things and direct me to other websites, but it’s simply not the same. Why would I scroll through an article or long blog post when someone on Reddit has asked the same thing and gotten a quick answer?

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