WSL 1.3.10 Brings Experimental Memory Reclaim, Updated DXCore & Linux Kernel


Microsoft has published the latest release of their Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) implementation for running Linux distributions within the confines of Windows. With the WSL 1.3.10 update there is now experimental memory reclaim support and other changes.

WSL 1.3.10 brings a new “autoMemoryReclaim” feature that for now can be optionally enabled within a user’s WSL configuration file. This memory reclamation is based on idle detection and can drop caches believed to be idle/un-used.

The WSL 1.3.10 also has some directory changes such as now mounting /usr/lib/wsl/lib as read-write and /run/user/[user] is now writable. WSL also now sets a timeout when force-terminating instances, the wsl.exe –install command will now install missing optional components, and there are various other fixes.

This Windows Subsystem for Linux update also pulls in a newer Linux 5.15 LTS kernel point release, which notably includes a fix that lets WSL boot faster. There is also a newer version of WSLg for the graphics support and the Microsoft DXCore Linux code has also been updated as part of its DirectX compatibility support.

More details on the WSL 1.3.10 update via GitHub.

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